Cats will be cats!


Between geting three cats this year and starting this blog about cats has really opened my mind to cats. I love them even more dearly. While there are alot of peolpe who do dislike cats there are just as many or even more cat lovers out there. As my cats grow I will grow with them. We are a little family now. I will treat them like toddlers their whole life but yeah it counts for something. I believe I am not old enough for kids yet but I would like the responsiblity of being their for someone everyday. Some one who depends on their next meal. Yes i want would ove to be a mother but cats are great practice. Litter box changes every day, feedings twice or more a day. Holding them to calm them dearing a storm. Yes I say they are great practice. They do say pet owners do make good parents. 🙂


Cats and stealing beds!


What is with cats stealing beds? They steal dogs beds, each others beads, and even the owners bed. I know my cats with take any chance to steal my seat. Say i get up to get a drink in the kitchen. when I come back, my seat has been taken by one of my cats. The funniest part is that they act as if they are alseep.

You know they just got up there and hadnt had that much time to fall asleep. So I assume they do it on purpose. Its the same when I get up in the moring. They are always waking up to move to the warm spot of where my body was all night. In the link below both of their cats steal the dogs beds and both seem to be sleeping. In a way it is so funny but in another its kind of rude and as I am saying that I still laugh and think their behavior is cute. 🙂

Cat Croissants!


Cats are adorable when they are sleeping. No doubt about it. People everywhere are posting pitures for their cats in the shape of croissants. The cat on the left is in the shape now. His tail even wrapped around the body. Isnt he cute. 🙂 She on the other hand is tucked under him. He layed on the feet and she tucked her face under his head to become completly snuggled. I love it when my cats seem as if they cant stand one another through out the day but yet they all snuggle up to one another and sleep like babies. Who wouldnt think they were cute? I really can see how people get so much enjoyment about their cats and they way the sleep. You get to really see their innocence. The twitter link below even shows the expressions to the girl posting about all of her animals sleeping in the position. ITS ADORABLE!


Bath time!


Tips from the links below!

1. Clip nails

To aviod scratching and bites. Cats can be very scared during the time of bathing.

2. brush hair

Helps keep the bath shorter and gets all the extras out of their fur.

3. wear protective clothing

To help double with scratching and biting.

4. get the right shampoo

You dont want to bathe them in just anything. Look at the labels. DO NOT DRY YOUR CATS SKIN OUT! It can be very toxic for the cats.

5. prepair bath ahead of time

Running water makes cats anxious. If you repair it ahead of time the cats maybe more calm.

6. make you cats want to bathe

Put toys in the bath tub. Make the cats play in the water. Tire them out makes things ALOT easier if they are tired.

7. Always reward after bath:)

Give them treats or a serving of wet food. Then cats will she an advantage of taking a bath. Kind of when you reward your child for good beahvior.


Cats that enjoy water?


Every cat I have ever met hates water! I have been proven wrong in so many ways. There are breeds that enjoy and love being in water!!!! I know shocking right!?!? There are 6 breeds who tend to like water more than other cats; American bobtail, american shorthair, turkish van, bengal, turkish angora, and the maine coon. In the youtube link down below I could not stop laughing at the cats who found water to be actually relaxing. I wish any of my cats would like water it would be much easier to give them baths and freshen them up. My two kittend (logan and demetre) play in their water bowl and spills water everywhere. Then they will walk althrough it and track it around the house. Giving them a bath on the other hand is horrible. They both freak out and scratch at everything. Including myself. I had horrible scratches for a week after giving logan a bath. It was terrible!






People are tending to their cats like never before. Making our furniture better for cat lives. To keep them from jumping up on our laptops to in front of the flat screen. The items we wouldnt be happy about crashing into the floor. According to News Feed “designed by Ruan Hao of Hong Kong’s LYCS Architecture, is the perfect solution.” Making the furiture fun but also safe for cats. I agree it is perfect but I have not yet use the product. But trust me if i had the cashI would grab one of those right up!

“Cats’ characteristic curiosity is “greatly satisfied through repetitively exploring the unknown path behind the hole,” the designer writes. “It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.” Many people have already blogged and twitted about how they they would love to try the desk made for humans and cats and test it out. See if it really works. I would love to see a review please!

Cat Nip and Kittens



According to these links catnip is not okay for kittens and some cats. The catnip could give the kittens or some cats chemical imbalencement in the brain and have the cats act out in wild and erratic behavior.

“That allergic reaction makes some cats and a lot of kittens especially literally crazy and not in a good way.”

I give my kittend and cat catnip. Not all the time but now and then i will sprinkle some on the thier scratching post or on their little beds. Usually when they get into the cat nip they end up hyper and crashing later. They do not show signs of attacking randomly at any humans but they do going a little wild on one another. Iv always thought catnip was okay for every cat. Then again I never checked the catnip product for any warning labels. Now that I know to watch for my cats behavior on catnip I will look for signs to make sure they arent having a chemical reaction. I wouldnt want it to have a long term affect on my cats.


Cats:) Cats:) Cats:)


I love my cats and Im afraid i would fit into the old lady with more than enough cats. When I was younger, I did not see having as many cats as you want a problem. Now, today if you have too many cats as an old woman you will have the title of CAT LADY.

Cat Ladies tend to have objects like cups, blankets, sweaters, pictures, and even posters of cats. They let their love for cats show with pride. She will even tend to her own cats before her own. Buying only cat food. Which she will eat herself also. A true cat lady would not care what cat she woul dlove but love every single cat she see’s. Unconditionally. Cat ladies are also known for being “the crazy cat lady”

As much as I love cats I just cant dedicate my life to cats. Expecially when it comes to loving hundreds of cats. Three cats at a time is my limit. No cat lady here. Atleast not yet anyways.

Cat Spirits


What happens to our cats after they past away? Is there a kitty heaven? Do they haunt us?

Some believe that cats are originally angels and when they pass they are recycled to their next cat life.

A cat sitting on top of a tombstone was considered a sign that the soul of the dead person was possessed by the devil.

In the links below, you can see some of the different things. Cats can predict the weather or even cause bad luck when they run in front of your path. The only way to end the bad luck would be to turn around and draw an X on your windsheild. Sailors use to keep black cats at home for good luck. They knew when bad weather would be headed their way. A sneeze ment it was going to rain. Sailors also believed that cats had magic in their tails that controled the weather. Cats mean all sort of things in our history. Its just what you believe.


The world seems to be obsessed with cats.They are everywhere. In the YouTube link below a woman licks hers cats and sucks on their hairballs! Wow. In the other link there is a video about cats and abs. Not actual cats with abs but mens abs and kittens. I’m not sure what the ad was for but I now know Cosmo had something to do with it.

Cats are everywhere. In ads, movies, social media, and on t-shirts. Cats have won the hearts of millions of people. Facebook pages are made for people’s cats. Also there are pages telling rescued stories about cats. Helping win, even more hearts about cats. Today I wil say I love cats and I have saved 3 little ones of my own, but i dont know if I would go as far as eating their hairballs or licking them. Sure I admit I have licked my cats on their faces one or twice just to agravate them. 20140404_225203