1. I chose this certain article because of the detail of the article. IT was an article explaining Jesse Terry’s No Rules Zone. They have a picture of Jesse with a fan and a video of Jesse at a cafe speaking with fans. Its a very well put together bit.

2. This article has a picture, video, and text. I chose this article for one purpose and one purpose only. “Christine McVie has rejoined Fleetwood Mac and there may be an announcement about a potential tour for all the Macsters down the road,” press rep Liz Rosenberg said, according to CNN. Even though its not a very detailed article. The picture and video says it all.

3. This article is about Instagram thinking about making changes. As in adding private photos and texting and video. They have a video explaining the reasons they have thought about making these changes. I think its great that they want to make changes and that they are looking for costumer output.