After reviewing my sources i have discover that the president does NOT have control over gas prices. It is really in the hands and feet of the consumers, including the president and congress and the people of the U.S.

It depends on the prices we are willing to pay for oil. With oil, we run of fumes and energy. We could run on solar and recycled but its more expensive and no one wants to do that. What the people do not know is that the price for gas will always rise because we will get short on supplies one day. As the supply gets shorter the prices goes up. Is it the presidents fault? Some what but its not his alone. Its everyone’s fault. Everyone wants to blame the president but its pointless.


I chose this article because it talks about the current president and how his defenders say that he has no control over the prices. How the prices may have to do with the situation that the U.S. is in with Syria. I found it use full and that the information was defending the president.

This article brings in a new light to the subject. This article is talking about the prices could actually could be the peoples fault for not staying with the economy. This article also speaks of more than one president and how none of them had full control over the gas prices.

My third choice was an article written by the Washington post and i figured that the post would have some reliable sources that argue or agree that the president does or does not have the control over gas prices. Whos fault is it?