What do you know about Ashley Pearson?

Ashley was born in the small town Harrison Arkansas September 22 1993.  Born to the parents of John and Chris Pearson. Pearson graduated from a Harrison High School and now attends Arkansas Tech University majoring in print journalism. Today is she a sophomore going on her 2nd year and fourth semester. Person is a student who works for the Arkansas Tech University paper. She goes out and gets the pictures for the main scoops in the paper. Ashley knew she wanted to partake in journalism from a young age. She began writing short stories in the 6th grade with a friend. They wrote a 14 page short story and from there she knew she wanted to do something with writing. Pearson’s favorite type of stories to read and write are descriptive story. Stories that have plots and climaxes that make you feel as if you’re right there with the characters of the story. When the subjects of blogs came up in the interview she said blogs were “okay.” Pearson feels that blogs are not descriptive enough to really grab a reader in. In the future Ashley has a desire to graduate and move to a larger city that more publications of newspapers and magazines.  The industries down south are not as popular as the big cities. Ashley wants to explore her horizons and dip her fingers in a little of everything when it comes to print journalism.

When Ashley goes home to her proud parents on the weekends she also goes home to her three pets. One of her cats is handicapped and does things only usually wild crazy cats will do. For example it will want you to pet it then it will go flappy floppy and hiss and bite or even scratch you. Ashley still takes the time to love her animals unconditionally. In the interview the discovery of Pearson being a warm hearted and kind person she is also very truthful to herself and everyone she knows. Once Ashley is through with school and finally gets that writing career she wants I know I will be a reader of her material and I will know that what she writes it’s true and always in the benefit of the readers.

Today she is madly in love with Sam W. Next moth it will be a year and a half. She knows they have only been dating a little while but they both know there is a strong connection. They’re love actually started 9 months before they could date. He was her Freshman RA in college. You can say it was love at first sight but with the 9 months they had to wait the love only grew stronger. Ashley knows things don’t always last forever but she knows that her love for journalism will never die. The day Ashley plans on retiring she plans to settle down in a beautiful relaxing home environment. The plan includes having children who will go on and have children of there own.

Over all Ashley is a simple kind hearted person who will do anything to protect the ones she loves. If i was grading Ashley on being an all around person id give her an A.