Cats are everywhere on the internet these days. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and there many more have funny and cute pictures of cats. Pictures of cats with personality traits or cute facial features tend to be the most popular. For example Grumpy Cat or Sam with Eyebrows on Facebook. Grumpy cat will post things anywhere from making fun of celebrities to just say no in big letters to insult  someone. Even though the cat seems grumpy and rude people tend to still be attracted to the funny sayings.

There are even pictures of cats with made up quotes and saying to make the picture of the cats seem as if they have an evil plot or something hilarious to say about their owners. People really seem to enjoy looking at funny cat photos, so much they seem to have put the images on t shirts. Sold at stores like hastings, spencers, or even walmart. I’m starting to think the world is starting to fall in love with cats.