When we brought Abby home from the pound she was de-clawed. Soon after i found out she had ear mites and now she is non stop itching. I spoke to the ladies at Petsmart and they told me it could all sorts of things, but it would be best to go get her checked out. The band apparently doesn’t take very good care of their animals. When I asked Abbys history, all she could tell me that they don’t know her age and that her name is Zoey and she was brought in with Ruby. I didn’t see the Ruby cat at all back there and they couldn’t even tell me why someone got rid of her. Having her now I have no idea why someone gives her up. She is so sweet and kind. She doesn’t like to be held, but when she wants down, she doesn’t bite or hiss or scratch. She simply puts her paws on you and pushes herself down. Cats need to be saved everywhere and I’m glad I saved Abby.