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I don’t know what it is about AbbyBelle but she loves the laundry basket! So does my other two kittens. They love to play hide and seek and even some form of tag. Watching them play with the laundry basket brings joy. 🙂 Then all of a sudden the two kittens find it fun to play in the laundry basket when it has clothes in it. Dirty or clean. Now there will be trails of clothes laying through the house. Socks are their favorite pieces. Even though they are cute little fluffy kitty they still get in trouble when i catch them playing with my socks. Yesterday my cats were jumping in and out of the laundry basket as I picked it up and down to pick up a new load to fold. Kittens are alot to handle but when you have a cat to look over them they seem to get into less trouble. So i heardha!
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