Day one of bringing the kittens home AbbyBelle hated the idea. The first thing she did was hiss and freak-out and run under my bed. She didn’t come out for three days. it was all hissing and growling. I had to feed her in the bedroom. It wasn’t till I stopped feeding her in the bedroom and made her come out that she finally appeared out from under the bed. Even then she only came to the hallway opening and only went to the kitchen if the kittens were sleeping. It took AbbyBelle a week to finally come out a lay in the living room again. I was really worried that the kittens were not going to work out. Now they all play. Abby still hisses, but only when the twins take it too far. Just the other day I saw Abby and Demetre¬† cuddling laying in the rocker together. It made me so happy I tried to pick them up at the same time. They didn’t have that. They left me. haha
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