Kittens and cats of all ages love to play. Whether or not its with themselves or other kittens or cats. Iv heard the best toys for cats is the scratching post and swinging ball toys all in one. That way cats have a way to be up high like they like but also have somewhere to scratch their claws. Cats tend to also love the feather toys attached to the string and handle for the owner. The bright color of the feather really gets the attention of the cat. So doe the way the feather floats in the air. Slow but quick like. Recently i got a laser toy for my kittens and they all love it. One even runs right up to the toy itself when I turn it off like he wants it back on. It’s adorable. Toys and shelving is really important to cats its meeting in the middle and creates a whole new happy cat! 🙂
The Cat Post Intelligencer
Paper Bag and String