I would like to know how cats went from being worshiped to being domestic house cats? Back in the pyramid times there were people who worshiped the cat as a way to be. The lords and gods were like gods? Today not many remember the history that cats have with humans. Before the dogs were humans’ best friends, cats were worshiped animals. Today I could not see the world worshiping cats… Wait, I take that back. Have you seen the Facebook pictures and YouTube videos. There are cats everywhere? What is it about cats. I love their spunky personalities, but is that what everyone likes? Many like to hear about talking cats or walking on two legs. Also, many seem to enjoy viewing scared cats, along with cats missing their jump points. Today we worship their personalities. What was it back then that made the cats, so all mighty. What made humans want to be like a cat? Not a lion or tiger but a cat?
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