AbbyBelle was brought into my home declawed. I can see why they declawed her because she tries to claw at everything she can. The corner of the kitchen, the couch, backpacks, and even peoples stomach even though she has no claws. Seeing this in action seems very hilarious to watch but then i always seem to feel bad for her. Scratching is something a cat does that why pet companies make scratching post and boards for cats. With her being declawed I’m afraid if she ever went outside how hard of a time she had defending herself. Inside cats who are declawed belong inside only. There are many stray and wild cats out there who can damage your pet or do even worse.

If AbbyBelle still had her claws she would scratch on everything and would even scratch people. Declawing AbbyBelle seemed to be the right thing for her to be an inside cat without having the pet cause damage to the home