Vets tell pet owners all the time that pets shouldn’t have human foods, but what foods can they really eat and what they can’t eat. Cats should never have garlic, onions, kelp, raisins, chocolate, sugary treats, alcohol or drinks that have caffeine.


Fish, cheese, veggies, eggs and meats.

Only in small amounts. The human food should not make up more than 15% of the cat’s diet.  In order to have a cat who lives their fair share of nine lives, it’s very important to maintain a very healthy diet. Surely a little treat here or there is okay.

Food allergies are rare in cats, but if your cat does have an allergy towards food there are a couple of safe foods you can give your cat. Foods that have turkey, deer, or duck is the safest routes you can go. Now if your cat as an extreme allergy say to the extra ingredients i recommend a vet visit.