Stray cats are cats that have had human contact and most likely have been a house cat. Feral cats have never been a house cat and have slim to no human contact. Stray cats have a better chance at being rescued and being able to settle with being coming a house cat and not wanting to stay a stray. I have known stay and feral cats before. As a child, I found a cat family who were feral cats. I noticed she had a litter of kittens and I took them home and helped raise them. Mary(the mom cat) only would stay outside so I made sure she got food so she could feed her babies. Later the kittens were given away, but I kept one and her name was minxie. She was an inside and outside cat. One of her brothers who left with the mom cat always stayed outside also. He seemed to be a mama’s boy. Anyways, I wanted to share that story because even though they were feral cats they still seemed sweet as can be.