Tips from the links below!

1. Clip nails

To aviod scratching and bites. Cats can be very scared during the time of bathing.

2. brush hair

Helps keep the bath shorter and gets all the extras out of their fur.

3. wear protective clothing

To help double with scratching and biting.

4. get the right shampoo

You dont want to bathe them in just anything. Look at the labels. DO NOT DRY YOUR CATS SKIN OUT! It can be very toxic for the cats.

5. prepair bath ahead of time

Running water makes cats anxious. If you repair it ahead of time the cats maybe more calm.

6. make you cats want to bathe

Put toys in the bath tub. Make the cats play in the water. Tire them out makes things ALOT easier if they are tired.

7. Always reward after bath:)

Give them treats or a serving of wet food. Then cats will she an advantage of taking a bath. Kind of when you reward your child for good beahvior.