What happens to our cats after they past away? Is there a kitty heaven? Do they haunt us?

Some believe that cats are originally angels and when they pass they are recycled to their next cat life.

A cat sitting on top of a tombstone was considered a sign that the soul of the dead person was possessed by the devil.

In the links below, you can see some of the different things. Cats can predict the weather or even cause bad luck when they run in front of your path. The only way to end the bad luck would be to turn around and draw an X on your windsheild. Sailors use to keep black cats at home for good luck. They knew when bad weather would be headed their way. A sneeze ment it was going to rain. Sailors also believed that cats had magic in their tails that controled the weather. Cats mean all sort of things in our history. Its just what you believe.