I love my cats and Im afraid i would fit into the old lady with more than enough cats. When I was younger, I did not see having as many cats as you want a problem. Now, today if you have too many cats as an old woman you will have the title of CAT LADY.

Cat Ladies tend to have objects like cups, blankets, sweaters, pictures, and even posters of cats. They let their love for cats show with pride. She will even tend to her own cats before her own. Buying only cat food. Which she will eat herself also. A true cat lady would not care what cat she woul dlove but love every single cat she see’s. Unconditionally. Cat ladies are also known for being “the crazy cat lady”

As much as I love cats I just cant dedicate my life to cats. Expecially when it comes to loving hundreds of cats. Three cats at a time is my limit. No cat lady here. Atleast not yet anyways.