Every cat I have ever met hates water! I have been proven wrong in so many ways. There are breeds that enjoy and love being in water!!!! I know shocking right!?!? There are 6 breeds who tend to like water more than other cats; American bobtail, american shorthair, turkish van, bengal, turkish angora, and the maine coon. In the youtube link down below I could not stop laughing at the cats who found water to be actually relaxing. I wish any of my cats would like water it would be much easier to give them baths and freshen them up. My two kittend (logan and demetre) play in their water bowl and spills water everywhere. Then they will walk althrough it and track it around the house. Giving them a bath on the other hand is horrible. They both freak out and scratch at everything. Including myself. I had horrible scratches for a week after giving logan a bath. It was terrible!