The world seems to be obsessed with cats.They are everywhere. In the YouTube link below a woman licks hers cats and sucks on their hairballs! Wow. In the other link there is a video about cats and abs. Not actual cats with abs but mens abs and kittens. I’m not sure what the ad was for but I now know Cosmo had something to do with it.

Cats are everywhere. In ads, movies, social media, and on t-shirts. Cats have won the hearts of millions of people. Facebook pages are made for people’s cats. Also there are pages telling rescued stories about cats. Helping win, even more hearts about cats. Today I wil say I love cats and I have saved 3 little ones of my own, but i dont know if I would go as far as eating their hairballs or licking them. Sure I admit I have licked my cats on their faces one or twice just to agravate them. 20140404_225203