Getting the boys neutered?


Many vets and animal lovers say it is actually better for the pet and its owner if you spay or neuter your cat. It will help with behavioral issues in the future. Also helps your cat live a longer and healthier life. With the way the male cats spray smells is awful and its scent is difficult to get out. I agree with getting your pets fixed does help keep your house cats alive longer, and helps the cats from always wanting to tap into their wild sides. I have had one male cat fixed and one fixed female in my past. The girl i still have now, but the male has gotten lost in the outdoors. Getting the cats fixed really made the cats settle down, but I am not sure if it helped with taming their wild side. Every cats dream is to go outside and catch a bird and run free in the wild. Every cat wants to be a lion.


Knowing the difference between stray or feral cats


Stray cats are cats that have had human contact and most likely have been a house cat. Feral cats have never been a house cat and have slim to no human contact. Stray cats have a better chance at being rescued and being able to settle with being coming a house cat and not wanting to stay a stray. I have known stay and feral cats before. As a child, I found a cat family who were feral cats. I noticed she had a litter of kittens and I took them home and helped raise them. Mary(the mom cat) only would stay outside so I made sure she got food so she could feed her babies. Later the kittens were given away, but I kept one and her name was minxie. She was an inside and outside cat. One of her brothers who left with the mom cat always stayed outside also. He seemed to be a mama’s boy. Anyways, I wanted to share that story because even though they were feral cats they still seemed sweet as can be.

The three who hated and then loved




When Abby first met the boys she was extremely peed off. She hissed and growled and throw a huge CAT FIT! After weeks went by she finally started to warm up to them. At first she acted as if she didn’t want us to, that she wanted to like them. When we would walk into a room they would be playing, but the second Abby saw us she would hiss and wack them with her paw. This continued for about three long weeks. Now they play and cuddle to sleep with one another. It was one vs two and somehow the one was winning. Luckily she loves them as family now. It even seems Abby believes she is a kitten again and tries to fit in places that she can’t. It is amusing. It is a great feeling knowing that all my cats can get along and keep each other company while I am gone at work or school. I love it!

Cats cats cats!



My cats are my children. When I get home, I greet them and hug them and tell them i missed them. They push their noses against mine and sometimes they will even try to lick me.

Some people believe that cats do not show as much emotion as dogs or humans. I personally do not believe this. My cats show emotion, every day its just taking the time to understand what they wanted. Of course they show and tell when they are hungry. They are smart enough to act cute to get our attention and follow them to their food bowl. The emotion i enjoy the most is knowing when the are content. The purring and showing their bellies lets me know that i am being a good owner. Its a nice feeling knowing someone counts on you and needs you like an actual child. Having cats really brings joy in my life.

AbbyBelle is declawed Yay or Na?


AbbyBelle was brought into my home declawed. I can see why they declawed her because she tries to claw at everything she can. The corner of the kitchen, the couch, backpacks, and even peoples stomach even though she has no claws. Seeing this in action seems very hilarious to watch but then i always seem to feel bad for her. Scratching is something a cat does that why pet companies make scratching post and boards for cats. With her being declawed I’m afraid if she ever went outside how hard of a time she had defending herself. Inside cats who are declawed belong inside only. There are many stray and wild cats out there who can damage your pet or do even worse.

If AbbyBelle still had her claws she would scratch on everything and would even scratch people. Declawing AbbyBelle seemed to be the right thing for her to be an inside cat without having the pet cause damage to the home

Human food cats can eat!



Vets tell pet owners all the time that pets shouldn’t have human foods, but what foods can they really eat and what they can’t eat. Cats should never have garlic, onions, kelp, raisins, chocolate, sugary treats, alcohol or drinks that have caffeine.


Fish, cheese, veggies, eggs and meats.

Only in small amounts. The human food should not make up more than 15% of the cat’s diet.  In order to have a cat who lives their fair share of nine lives, it’s very important to maintain a very healthy diet. Surely a little treat here or there is okay.

Food allergies are rare in cats, but if your cat does have an allergy towards food there are a couple of safe foods you can give your cat. Foods that have turkey, deer, or duck is the safest routes you can go. Now if your cat as an extreme allergy say to the extra ingredients i recommend a vet visit.

odd cat behaviors


Many cats tend to do things we humans don’t really understand. For example, they rather lick themselves clean than take a bath. Even though they are covered in fur and cause hairballs. Cats also run around the house as fast as they can for no reason that we can truly understand or the love for socks. These behaviors are what we cat lovers LOVE about cats. The odd behaviors are what catches our attention. One of my favorite odd behaviors is the way cats sleep. They tend to curl up into the smallest ball as possible with one paw under their head. Similar to what we humans do. It’s really adorable. The other is when they sleep on their backs. Tummy face side up. They say that when cats sleep tummy up means that they are very comfortable and they are fully trusting whoever is around them. As if they were leading their guard go. Whats your favorite odd cat thing you cat does?


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Getting Abby!


2 months ago i saved an animal from the pound. No, she wasn’t dying, but she did have a serious case of ear mites and a skin mange. The pound only charged me $20 to take her home. Throw all the vet bills now and I’v paid around $200 for her. I am not complaining about Abby because it is not her fault but goodness. The pound should at least take care of the animals better. I would think they would check their ears or to even see if the animal has mange or fleas. They did not check Abby for any of the following. We are lucky because she did not have fleas and fleas are very difficult to get rid of. When it comes to getting kittens or cats, I do recommend saving a cat from the pound they may not be a kill shelter but the animals in the shelters need our help.

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AbbyBelle is on SPEED!!!

No, she’s not on catnip, but she is going crazy!! I have no idea what she is doing, but she is running from one end of the house to the other as fast as she can as many times as she can. She won’t stop. Iv called their name, shaken her treats and even got out her toy. She finally stopped when one of the kittens started to chase her. I know cats do like to run around time to time, but this time it seemed like she was going to train to join track or something. I mean she was in the spare bedroom the back of the couch. Then she ran to the master bedroom and jumped on and ran under the bed. Then she took off for the kitchen and ran right back out. She took off for the spare bedroom again and went back and forth in between the couch and spare bedroom. I could not believe how amped up, she was.


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AbbyBelle and Declawing


When we brought Abby home from the pound she was de-clawed. Soon after i found out she had ear mites and now she is non stop itching. I spoke to the ladies at Petsmart and they told me it could all sorts of things, but it would be best to go get her checked out. The band apparently doesn’t take very good care of their animals. When I asked Abbys history, all she could tell me that they don’t know her age and that her name is Zoey and she was brought in with Ruby. I didn’t see the Ruby cat at all back there and they couldn’t even tell me why someone got rid of her. Having her now I have no idea why someone gives her up. She is so sweet and kind. She doesn’t like to be held, but when she wants down, she doesn’t bite or hiss or scratch. She simply puts her paws on you and pushes herself down. Cats need to be saved everywhere and I’m glad I saved Abby.